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What are WTC's Office Hours
Wamego office:
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
St. Marys office:
Monday - Friday 9am - 1 pm

Tech Support:
Available 24/7

Where can I drop off my payment after hours in Wamego?
Customers may drop off payments during business hours at the First National Bank vehicle drive-up window on the east side of our building at 1009 Lincoln. The tellers on duty will be happy to take your payments and pass them along to us. Customers may also drop telephone, cable TV, or Internet payments into the bank’s Night Deposit Box located on the east side of the bank building under the drive-up canopy. Customers may enter the drive-up lane off of Lincoln Avenue on the southeast side of the new building and exit back onto Lincoln Avenue when leaving.

Where can I drop off my payment after hours in St Marys?
Customers can drop off a payment in the night deposit box just before the drive-up window on the East side of the building at 702 W Bertrand, and we will collect them the next business day.

How do I disable Call Waiting?
Dial *70 before dialing phone number.

Why is the "ready" light on my modem flashing?
The "Ready" (or "Internet" or "ADSL") light on your DSL modem indicates whether or not the modem is working properly. On all modems provided by WTC, this light should be a solid green when performing properly.

Will my modem work with WTC’s DSL?
Many modems, such as dial-up and cable modems, will not work with our DSL. If you already have a DSL modem from another ISP, you can bring it into our Wamego office and we can test it to see if it will work. If the modem is not compatible you will either need to purchase a modem yourself or buy one from WTC.

How long will it take to get DSL?
Your DSL provider will set up a DSL connection to your home. In some cases, you'll need a new phone wire inside your home installed at the time of your DSL install. The phone company will come around to make a few adjustments to your outside connection, someone will need to be home to meet the installers. How long all this takes depends largely on WTC's schedule. Normally this can be installed within 2 weeks of contacting WTC.

Do I have a static IP address or is it dynamic?
With our DSL service you get a dynamic IP address. If you would like to have a static IP address they are available for an additional $5.00/month. (Dependant on availability of IP addresses).

Is DSL available to all homes?
Chances are, service is available to your home. If you haven't already, you can check for availability now by contacting our main office 456-1000.

How does DSL work on my existing phone line?
DSL Internet service is an added feature on your existing phone line. The function of the DSL filter is to handle the voice calls and route the data off separately to the DSL modem and your computer.

Will I have to sign a contract?
NO! WTC does not require a contract to be signed. Please read the Terms & Conditions for more information.

What kind of ethernet card do I need?
You will need just a basic 10/100/1000 Ethernet card with a RJ-45 Ethernet jack. Most of the more expensive cards are meant for internal networking and will not allow for faster connections through the DSL modem.

How do I set up additional email accounts?
You will need to contact our help desk and have them set up a new email address on our server. You can contact them at 456-1010 or 437-3168.

Why do I get disconnected after I check my email with Outlook Express?
You probably have 'Hang up after sending and receiving' checked in your Options in Outlook Express. To fix this:

How do I configure my mail client for the new email server?
You can find instructions on how to setup your or email client here.

What is Spyware?
In general, spyware is any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge. On the Internet, spyware is programming that is put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties. Spyware can get in a computer as a software virus or as the result of installing a new program. Data collecting programs that are installed with the user's knowledge are not, properly speaking, spyware, if the user fully understands what data is being collected and with whom it is being shared.

What can I do to help filter Internet content for my family?
There are lots of filtering software options available to help filter adult content on your computer. Two popular products are K9 Web Protection (Free) and BsafeOnline.

What does a yellow star on the program guide mean?
A yellow star will show up on the guide for a program that is classified as a 'New Episode' in a series.

How do I program my remote control to work with other devices?

To view information on how to program your remote control, click on the image of your remote control below.

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