Family Shield

A FREE add-on service that protects your family from objectionable materials on the Internet!




Family Shield Content Filtering applies to every device – laptops, smartphones, tablets, DVRs, game consoles, TVs - anything that connects to the Internet! Family Shield blocks devices from accessing sensitive materials on the Internet.





Fraud and Phishing Protection



Filtering and Security

Pre-configured to block adult content



Parental Controls



I chose Family Shield for the extra safety it provides. Having Family Shield add another layer of security between the computer and the Internet feels good, and so far it’s worked perfectly.
I’m very thankful for Family Shield's anti-phishing feature, as it has saved my wife, my kids and I from going to harmful sites. It gives me peace-of-mind that my family is safe on the Internet.
As the children have started getting online Family Shield has been invaluable as a barrier against sites I wouldn’t want them to accidentally visit.