Pricing Plans

Residential Internet Plans

10 Mb Internet

10 Mb download and 5 Mb upload

$31.95 / mo*
25 Mb Internet

25 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$41.95 / mo*
50 Mb Internet

50 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$51.95 / mo*
75 Mb Internet

75 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$61.95 / mo*
150 Mb Internet

150 Mb download and 10 Mb upload

$81.95 / mo*
250 Mb Internet

250 Mb download and 20 Mb upload

$99.95 / mo*
Internet Boost

Increase performance by matching your download speed to your upload speed.

$20.00 / mo

We can install, manage and maintain your home Wi-Fi to give you the best broadband Internet connection possible.

Managed Wi-Fi Extended

Guarantee the best experience possible with Managed Wi-Fi from WTC. A low monthly cost covers all on-going maintenance and equipment replacement.

$5.95 / mo
Managed Wi-Fi Plus

Extended offers the same great features as Managed Wi-Fi, but includes a dual band router that covers a larger area and is perfect for higher bandwidth connections.

$6.95 / mo
Managed Wi-Fi Pro/Outdoor

Take your Wi-Fi outdoors! All the features included with Managed Wi-Fi Plus, and weather proof.
Requires Managed Wi-Fi or Managed Wi-Fi Extended

$10.95 / mo

*A $7.00 discount or surcharge may apply, depending on the number of services taken.


Lifeline is the FCC’s program to help make communications services more affordable for low income consumers.  Eligible WTC customers will get a discount for either voice or internet, but not both.  Only eligible customers may enroll in the Lifeline program and the discount is limited to one per household.  Lifeline is a non-transferrable service.