***SURVEY SCAM ALERT*** Please be aware there is a survey scam "claiming" to be WTC, requesting Facebook users take a survey to receive a reward of $70 or more. This is NOT WTC. If you have any questions or concerns on surveys or links that claim to be WTC, please contact us. June 1, 2015   ·    2 Likes    1 Comments   We always appreciate getting feedback from our customers! Below is a message we received yesterday regarding our technicians' promptness: "Today I called your office to report a problem with my internet. I was advised you did not have anyone in the area at the time, but would get in touch with me as soon as you could send someone over. Your technicians arrived within 23 minutes of my phone call. I wanted to say thank you for this. That is an outstanding example of how customers should be treated and I wanted you all to know that it is greatly appreciated. Thank you again!" June 5, 2015   ·    20 Likes    1 Comments   Head over to for more details! June 16, 2015   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   Again, many thanks to our customers giving us feedback as a company! We received the following compliment from our most recent business customers. "Chad & WTC Team, Thank you for your great service! We appreciate you coming to help us out through the new construction process. Thank you for always being quick to respond to our requests for help. You do a great job and we are glad to have your expertise." June 24, 2015   ·    3 Likes    0 Comments   June 30, 2015   ·    4 Likes    0 Comments   Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend celebrating the 4th of July!! June 30, 2015   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   Check out the latest releases on Video on Demand! June 30, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Don't miss your chance to see the Kansas Honor Flight - Wamego High School 2015 video on Channel 140 from July 1st-4th!! Also check out their website for information on owning your very own DVD of this year's trip to Washington D.C. with the veterans. Visit to learn more! June 29, 2015   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   Call us today to find out how your mobile phone can become your office and home phone! #GoVoice June 26, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   June 22, 2015   ·    3 Likes    0 Comments