Donating the gift of life is the Best gift you can give this holiday season! Be sure to make your way down to Trinity Baptist Church today if you are interested in donating blood. December 10, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   Remember to stay on your toes when online shopping - especially during the holiday season. Scams run year round, but occur more often in this time. WTC always encourages Internet users to contact us first for any offers that are received "from us". December 10, 2015   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   Two away and one to stay! Be sure to go and support your teams tonight. Good luck Raiders, Mustangs, and Bears!! December 11, 2015   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   New Video on Demand inventory coming in! The Tuesday hits are packed with Adventure, Action, Comedy, and even some Horror. Take your pick from this selection or browse the vast library at December 13, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   It's that time of the week! Start it out with a movie and some popcorn tonight. December 14, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Come out tonight to support the Raiders vs the Fighting Irish and also Rock Creek taking on St. Marys! Who will bring home the win? December 15, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   "There's room for everyone on the nice list!" - Buddy the Elf December 15, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   Keep the movie countdown going - Only 9 days left! December 16, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   "Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see." - The Polar Express December 17, 2015   ·    3 Likes    0 Comments   Everyone on the road tonight! Make the trip to get loud and be proud of your teams. December 18, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments