It all ends tonight! Watch the last episode of Shark Week tonight @ 7:00pm. July 12, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Catch a bite of the action with "Sharksanity 2"! Tonight on the Discovery Channel. July 11, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Plans to go out tonight? Don't miss a single episode of Shark Week by using your Whole Home DVR! Tonight starts @ 8:00pm with "Sharks of the Shadowland". July 10, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   Please be aware!! A virus scam has come to our attention that is affecting WTC customers. We are not "fixing viruses" on your computer. If you have been targeted, DO NOT give out your credit card number. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. July 9, 2015   ·    4 Likes    0 Comments   See who's the ruler of this planet, tonight @ 8:00pm! Also, tune in for the last night of "Shark after Dark" with Eli Roth. July 9, 2015   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   Get up close with the Discovery Channel tonight for "Super Predator"! July 8, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   July 7, 2015   ·    12 Likes    0 Comments   Dive into the depths of the ocean with the "Bride of Jaws" tonight on the Discovery Channel! July 7, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Kick up your feet for a night in this week and enjoy the performances of Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren in "Woman in Gold". Out today on Video on Demand!! July 7, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Second night of Shark Week! Take advantage of the Whole Home DVR so you don't miss a minute! July 6, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments