WTC has officially changed the name of the Wi-Fi throughout town. It no longer reads as WTC-Keeping-You-Connected in phone settings. It is now WTC Wi-Fi. Customers will still use the same login credentials to connect as they did before. Please contact us for any questions. 785-456-1000 October 8, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Tune in as the teams go head to head on the line! October 9, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   It's a melting pot of movies - with Horror, Action, Comedy, Drama, and even some Adventure you're sure to find the perfect movie! Out tomorrow on Video on Demand. October 12, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   Who's taking home the "W" ? Tune in this weekend to stay on top of the teams records. October 15, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Kick off your week with some hot new releases on Video on Demand! New selections available tomorrow. Take your pick! October 19, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   October 20, 2015   ·    6 Likes    0 Comments   Wisconsin takes on Illinois on their own turf and homecoming weekend! Tune in to see if the Fighting Illini can claim the home win or if the Badgers will take 'em! October 23, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   New hits and last minute gets! Be sure to check out the Video on Demands this week so you don't miss a favorite movie. October 25, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Available on Video on Demand in Standard Definition for $2.99 and High Definition for $3.99. It's a scary good deal to get your little trick-or-treaters ready for Halloween! October 26, 2015   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   World Series starts tomorrow night @ 7:07pm! Royals vs Mets October 26, 2015   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments