It's the final week of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries contest. Like this photo through Friday, 10/21 and you could win the last Hallmark prize pack! The original movie, Murder, With Love: Hailey Dean Mystery premiers this Sunday on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel (WTC channels 231 SD & 631 HD). Prize pack includes... • A Hallmark Gift bag with Hallmark products • $25 off WTC service October 17, 2016   ·    3 Likes    0 Comments   The prize has been claimed for our week two Hallmark Movies and Mysteries raffle. Enjoy your Hallmark goodies! October 21, 2016   ·    8 Likes    0 Comments   Congratulations to Laura Zachgo for winning the last Hallmark prize pack for Murder, With Love: Hailey Dean Mystery! Make sure to tune in tomorrow to watch the premier on WTC channels 231 SD & 631 HD! October 22, 2016   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   October 26, 2016   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   The final prize has been claimed for our week three Hallmark Movies and Mysteries raffle. Enjoy your Hallmark goodies and have a safe and fun Halloween! October 28, 2016   ·    5 Likes    0 Comments   Track or Treat 2016!! Good job to one of our Customer Service Reps, Taren for taking on all the tigers, princesses, and many other characters in St. Marys! WTC is proud to be able to participate in these fun activities. Happy Halloween everyone! October 31, 2016   ·    3 Likes    0 Comments   September 14, 2016   ·    4 Likes    0 Comments   September 14, 2016   ·    2 Likes    1 Comments   Get ready for OZtoberFest with Four Days of Murder Mystery Trivia! Starting on Monday, September 26th answer a daily Wizard of OZ trivia question for a chance to win a Day in Wamego Prize Pack! September 15, 2016   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   Catch the latest movies out on video on demand this week! A defiant southern farmer, Newton Knight, leads an extraordinary rebellion with farmers and slaves to secede from the Confederacy during the civil war. Stars Matthew McConaughey & Gugu Mbatha-Raw. (R) © 2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. September 21, 2016   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments