Access ESPN3 content on the Watch ESPN app with your Watch TV Everywhere account or on with your WTC internet subscription. September 27, 2014   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Did you know you have access to some of these games live on your smartphone or tablet? Watch games on any of the ESPN channels that we offer and Pac-12 network. Go to for more information. Today's College Football on WTC lineup: September 27, 2014   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   NFL on WTC: You can also watch the game on the WatchESPN app. If you don't have a Watch TV Everywhere account signup at! September 29, 2014   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   Watch the Kansas City Royals at 7PM tonight on TBS 515 HD 115 SD. September 30, 2014   ·    2 Likes    0 Comments   Week 6 of College Football! Here is a little preview of games you can catch on WTC this week. Watch for Gameday posts to get a full listing! September 30, 2014   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   A quote from Martin Luther King Jr. from 1963. Love is the answer. August 4, 2014   ·    4 Likes    0 Comments   Mark Roland, from Newton KS captured this year's Wamego Fireworks Show from the roof of WTC. Watch the slideshow on Channel 125 at 9am, 12pm, or 6pm through the month of August. August 6, 2014   ·    1 Likes    0 Comments   Catch The Kansas City Chiefs in their preseason opener against the Bengals at 7PM on CBS 507 HD 107 SD. *Programming Note: Big Brother will air around 1AM depending on the length of the football game. August 7, 2014   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments   It is Double Eviction Night on Big Brother on CBS 507 HD 107 SD. August 7, 2014   ·    0 Likes    1 Comments   Kick your weekend into high gear, Need For Speed is now available on WTC Video On Demand. Simply press On Demand or VOD on your WTC Video remote. August 9, 2014   ·    0 Likes    0 Comments