Special Access Service provides a transmission path to connect two or more customer premises when all designated premises can be connected with facilities provided by the Telephone Company. If only a portion of the facilities can be provided by the Telephone Company, Special Access Service provides the transmission path necessary to connect customer premises in the Telephone Company’s serving area with the interconnection point with another exchange telephone company. Special Access Service includes all exchange access which does not utilize Telephone Company end office switching. Special Access Service is offered subject to available facilities of the Telephone Company and will be provided on an individual case basis.




Ethernet Services utilize Ethernet technology to transport data and are offered with the following Ethernet ports: (1) 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port where (a) the 10 Mbps Ethernet service provides a physical IEEEcompliant (IEEE 802.3) 10Base-T (twisted pair), RJ-45 interface to the customer (transmission speed is

available at a maximum of 10 Mbps which is equal to the line rate of the 10Base-T interface); and (b) the 100 Mbps Ethernet (Fast Ethernet) service provides a physical IEEE-compliant 100Base-TX (twisted pair) RJ-45

interface to the customer (transmission speed is available at a maximum of 100 Mbps, which is equal to the line rate of the 100Base-TX interface); (2) 1000 Mbps Ethernet port – Gigabit Ethernet where the 1000 Mbps Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet) service provides an IEEE-compliant physical interface of either 1000Base-SX

(multimode fiber), or 1000Base-LX (single mode fiber) interface to the customer; and (3) 10000 Mbps Ethernet port – 10 Gigabit Ethernet where the 10000 Mbps Ethernet (10Gigabit Ethernet) service provides an IEEEcompliant

physical interface of either 10GBase-SR (multimode fiber), or 10GBase-LR (single mode fiber) interface to the customer.



ETHERNET SERVICES - Rates and Charges

There are two types of rates and charges. These are monthly rates and nonrecurring charges. The rates and charges are described as follows:

A. Monthly Rates

Monthly rates are recurring rates that apply each month or fraction thereof that a Special Access Service is provided. For billing purposes, each month is considered to have 30 days.

B. Nonrecurring Charges

Nonrecurring charges are one-time charges that apply for specific work activity (i.e., installation or change to an existing Service). The types of nonrecurring charges that apply for Special Access Service are installation of Service, installation of optional features and functions, and Service rearrangements. The nonrecurring charges for the installation of Service are set for each circuit.


Minimum Service Period - A minimum period for Service will be one month (30 days) for all Services except where special construction is required.



ETHERNET SERVICES- Ordering Information:

An Access Service Request (ASR) is a formal request made by a telecommunications carrier to another carrier or a service provider for the provisioning of access services. These access services typically involve the establishment of physical or logical connections between networks to enable the exchange of traffic or the delivery of services.   The ASR shall contain the name of the Customer, a specific description of the Service ordered, the rates to be charged, and the duration of the services.



ETHERNET SERVICES - Cancelation for Cause

The Company, by written notice to the customer, may immediately cancel the application for or discontinue Service to the customer without incurring liability for any of the following reasons: Nonpayment of any sum due to the Company for Service more than 30 days beyond the due date; Use of Service in a fraudulent or suspected fraudulent manner; A violation of or failure to comply with any regulation governing the furnishing of Service; or An order of the court or other government authority having jurisdiction which prohibits the Company from providing Service.




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