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Get the most out of your TV with exciting new features, improved functionality and a better user experience.


Restart TV

Missed the beginning of your show? Restart it!

Restart TV gives you the ability to restart a program that is already in progress. Or if you are browsing channels and see a show you wanted to watch that has already begun, Restart it and watch it from the beginning.



What's Hot

Not sure what to watch on TV? We have all the answers right at your fingertips! The What's Hot feature gives you the most popular programs being watched in your viewing area at the time as well as the most popular recorded programs and series recordings.



Weather Forecast & Radar

Check the weather with a click of a button! The Weather Application shows the most current weather statistics for your area. Look at upcoming forecast or view the live radar.



Unique DVR Features

Control your WTCtv experience with the power of DVR! Record any TV program with the touch of a button and watch it on your schedule. Rewind live TV, pause what you are watching, or watch the big plays in slow-motion.










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