Flags to Fiber: Understanding the Utility Locate Process

As we work diligently to expand our Fiber footprint, you might notice small orange flags in the ground throughout the area. But they’re not just “small orange flags”, they’re a sign of something exciting happening beneath the surface!

These flags are placed to mark underground utility lines, which is a crucial part of the fiber construction process. Utility line locates are essential for excavation projects of all sizes. If you’re planning an outdoor project this spring, you can ensure safe digging practices by calling 811 before you dig.

This step in the construction process provides:

  • Safety: Underground utilities can pose significant safety risks if damaged during excavation. Gas leaks, internet outages, and water main breaks are just a few examples of potential hazards that can result from hitting buried lines.

  • Cost Savings: Accidentally damaging underground utilities can lead to costly repairs, fines, and project delays. By conducting utility locates, individuals can lessen the risk of such expenses and ensure a smoother construction process for everyone.

  • Legal Compliance: Many regions have regulations requiring utility locates before any digging activity. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in penalties and legal consequences.

If you spot these orange WTC flags, get excited! There’s a good chance we are expanding our Fiber network to your neighborhood. To pre-sign up for WTC Fiber, visit wtcks.com and search your address.

Here's to a future filled with fast, reliable Internet and neighborly customer service. And remember, before you break ground, dial 811. It's the smart move every time.


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