The Truth About Internet Speed Tests

Our fast-paced lives heavily revolve around online connectivity, making fast internet a top priority. From binging our favorite shows, conducting video calls for work, or browsing and sharing on social media, internet speed is crucial.

To ensure this standard of speed is met, many internet consumers trust browser and mobile app speed tests to gauge their internet’s performance. While these tests can provide some insight, their reliability is uncertain. Speed tests can be influenced by numerous factors, including network congestion, server load, and even the type of device being used.

Another factor that may impact the result of a speed test is the time of day the test is conducted. Varying levels of traffic on your home network and the server the speed test sits in can affect test results. During peak hours when usage is high, speeds may test slower due to increased congestion. When internet traffic is low, speed tests may yield faster results. 

This can be a result While Fiber Optics themselves do not experience congestion, it can occur at different points in the network such as switches and routers.

Additionally, the speed test itself may not be tuned for accuracy. Some tests are built to produce results quickly, prioritizing speed over precision. This often produces results that do not accurately reflect internet performance.

So, what can you do to ensure you’re getting an accurate picture of your internet speed?

First, be sure to use a reputable speed test such as ours or Ookla’s. Running tests at varying times of the day on different devices can help provide a more complete picture of internet performance.

If you are a WTC Fiber customer, have taken the steps above to gain an accurate assessment of your internet performance, and are unsatisfied with the speeds you are receiving, please reach out to us at 877-982-1912. We are happy to resolve the issue and get your internet up to speed!

It is our mission to provide our customers with dependable, high-speed internet. By understanding the tools for monitoring internet performance, you can make informed decisions and ensure you are enjoying the full benefits of ultra-fast & reliable internet.


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